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  • World's largest Duckwater Boat ever built: a 32' Duck Water, Ocean Series, one of a kind, extremely roomy for 6 hunters and all their gear.
  • 32' Duckwater is equipped with a removable blind which can be hunted in 3 positions.
  • 32' Duckwater is powered by a 350 horsepower Suzuki 4 stroke and features a powerful yet quiet motor with a 70 gallon fuel capacity
  •  32' Duckwater has a crane to deploy our pair of two-man Duck Water lay-out boats for the hunters who prefer the “up close and personal experience!"
  • To reduce those awkward moments when nature calls, we had Duckwater install an added amenity: a toilet with collapsible enclosure for our mixed groups of ladies and gentlemen.  This features is concealed but easily and quickly deployed as needed.
  • Our second big boat is a 21' Star Craft equipped with  a quiet and dependable 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. A very sea worthy craft in its own right, the 21' Star Craft has been customized for water fowl hunting.
  •  For our more adventurous hunters we are equipped with two Hobie pro angler‘s (14 PA and 17T PA). They are propelled by the Hobie Mirage Drive (SILENT and DEADLY) . Perfect for a backwater stalk of that specific duck needed for your collection.



Big Boat Hunts You can hunt from the boat in comfort in our 32' Ocean Series Duckwater with our built in blind and heaters for those bone chillin days. This is a roomy, comfortable hunt and a social experience all in one. Ideal for our larger groups.

Lay-Out Hunts Our large aluminum Duckwater two-man lay-out boats are deployed using our crane on our 32' Duckwater. With this set up, you're not isolated and can enjoy the hunting experience safely with your hunting partner. A VERY  exciting and effective way to hunt some of our local species.

Ledge Hunts This option offers hunters the experience to be dropped off on a ledge for the hunt. The hunters hunt over the decoys as you do in all styles of sea duck hunts.
 In all three hunting styles, guides will retrieve all birds possible.
 For ledge and lay-out hunts, you will be given a hand-held  VHF two way radio to communicate with your guide in the big boat.
 Even though we have the most serious duck hunting boat in the world, we are still in the North Atlantic with some of the largest tides in the world. Regardless of the size of our boat there are days it is unsafe or impossible to hunt on the open Atlantic Ocean.   
 When impossible to hunt on the open ocean due to extreme weather conditions, we will make all attempts to hunt puddle ducks - including our challenging and much sought-after black duck - during puddle duck season.

Capt. Rod


Capt. Rod Merritt, USCG Captain and Registered Maine Guide 

 Capt. Rod has over 45 years of experience working, navigating and hunting the ocean, rivers and lakes of this region. As an avid and well-known outdoors man, Capt. Rod has hunted all over North America, from Alaska to Florida, from Texas to Maine, and in countless other locations. Born and raised on the coast of Maine, his passion has always been pursing the birds, animals, and fish of this region.  Capt. Rod enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for hunting and the outdoors here on the coast of Maine. 

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